Hello there, Hello Kitty friends! Are you ready to run with Hello Kitty? Well, she is ready to have fun with you all, too! To allow us to have the best time together, here are the rules we will observe during the Hello Kitty Run Manila 2017!


Please be at the venue on or before 4:30 AM. There will be a brief program and warm-up exercises before the start of each wave.


Pay parking areas are available within SM MOA and SM By the Bay.


Wear your official Hello Kitty Run Manila 2017 T-shirt, with your official Race Bib pinned in front. We will strictly follow the NO RACE BIB, NO ENTRY POLICYin the Activity Area and Race Route Area during the race time.
Companions who are not registered (no race bibs) can only enter the Activity Area after all the waves are completed.


To get your exclusive Hello Kitty Run Manila 2017 Drawstring Bag with goodies, please proceed to the GIFT BOOTH and present the GIFT STUB attached to your office race bib. The Gift Booth opens at 5:15AM until 11AM. Wave 1 runners (those with Race Bib Nos. 10001-12500) may claim their goodie bags after their run.


The Baggage Counter will open at 4AM, available on a first come-first served basis. We discourage the use of backpacks for security reasons.


If you are leaving your things at the Baggage Counter, please do not leave your gadgets, wallet, or any valuable. The Organizers will not be responsible for any loss or damage to your valuables. We suggest the use of belt bags and/or sports arm bags for your valuables.


The Fun Run is composed of 4 Waves, each with 2,500 runners each.
Your Race Bib Number determines your Wave Number.
Wave 1 Gunstart at 5:15 AM Race Bib Nos. 10001-12500
Wave 2 Gunstart at 5:45 AM Race Bib Nos. 12501-15000
Wave 3 Gunstart at 6:15 AM Race Bib Nos. 15001-17500
Wave 4 Gunstart at 6:45 AM Race Bib Nos. 17501-20000
The Race Bib Numbers are assigned according to registration date (for shipping) or pickup date (for those who chose to pick up their race kits).
Proceed to the Assembly Area for your wave number. Signages are available for your guidance.


The maximum time to complete the Race Route is 120 minutes (2 hours).


The Finisher’s Medals are available at the booth at the end of the Race Route. Those who are not running may claim their Finisher’s Medal at any time at the booth by presenting the FINISHER’S MEDAL STUB attached to the official Race Bib.


Portalets and drinking water facilities are available along the race route and within the activity area. Comfort rooms in the mall area are also available.


The following objects (and corresponding activities) are not allowed and will be confiscated at the entrance of the activity and race route areas: Sharp and pointed object; Liquor and other alcoholic beverages; Prohibited drugs.


  1. Runners who need medical attention or will require emergency assistance must approach a marshal for proper coordination with the Medic Team.
  2. Runners who encounter any form of injury, accident or untoward incident is required to report immediately to the nearest marshal available for proper documentation, to include runner’s name, race bib no., incident time, name of offending party, contact details of both parties, and photo of a valid ID, plate no. of vehicle involved, if any.
    1. If offending party involves a vehicle, marshal must radio the Command Center to seek assistance from PNP personnel for proper booking of the complaint.
    2. If offending party involves a person, marshal must radio the Command Center to seek assistance from PNP personnel for proper booking of the complaint.
    3. The command center will be composed of PNP, Medic and Organizers Security Team.
  3. Non-runners who encounter problems such as vehicle theft, pick-pocket, snatching, fights or any untoward incident must proceed to the Command Center or the nearest Security Station within the event venue for proper booking of the complaint.
  4. Non-runners who need medical assistance can proceed to the Command Center or the nearest Security Station for proper medical attention.

• Is there any age limit for participants?
The event is open to all!

  • Registration for children 0 to 6 years old at the time of the race is optional. If the parent/guardian chooses to have race kits and finisher’s medal for them, then they can pay the registration fee.
  • Children 7 years old and above at the time of the race are required to pay the registration fee.
  • Registrants 17 years old and below at the time of the race need to provide a name of guardian in the registration page.
  • Runners 17 years old and below at the time of the race must submit an accomplished Parent/Guardian Consent form which would be attached to the “confirmation of registration” email. The race kits of the registered runners will only be released upon submission of this Parent/Guardian Consent form.
  • Young ones and the elderly be accompanied by an able and healthy adult.

• Can registration be done over the phone?
We do not accept the registration by phone. Please register through our website .
• Can PWD (person with disability) participate?
Yes, we allow PWDs to participate provided that they have a medical clearance from their respective attending physicians. They must also be accompanied by a responsible adult. For PWD participants, please contact us at (02) 2637768 or 4365683 or 0937372621, so that we can provide necessary assistance for you.
• Can I register even if I am overseas at the time of registration?
Yes, we welcome runners from overseas! Just show up on the day of the run, October 21, 2017!
• Can I ask another person to pick up my race kit for me?
Yes, as long as they bring with them the printed or electronic copy of your confirmation email with code on it.
• Can I run with my pet?
Pets are cute and adorable, however, we cannot allow them in the event for the safety of the runners and our animal friends.
• Can I cancel my registration and ask for a refund?
Registration is non-refundable but transferable. However, the shirt size of the first registrant will be retained.
• I would like to be a partner/sponsor in the event. Who do I get in touch with?
For sponsorship or partnership proposals, please email us at promotions@hellokittyrunph.com